Pablo Osguera Christlieb
Pablo Osguera Christlieb
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Pablo Oseguera is originally from sunny Cancun, Mexico! He moved to Canada over 10 years ago, and —before you really ask; Yup! he was born and raised where we all want to go on holidays when it’s minus 40 degrees outside :).

Growing up in Cancun wasn’t always warm weather and sunny beaches. He lost one of his parents shortly after his tenth birthday, so he was forced to grow up a little faster than some, helping his dad with whatever he could and looking after his baby sister for a few years while life got back on track.

However, Pablo is a big believer that life happens for us, not to us. And, while we all encounter setbacks in life, it is how we internalize those experiences that really define who we are. Thus, minor hardships aside, he considers myself very fortunate to have grown up in a place like Cancun. A place that gave him the opportunity to train in customer service at the highest level. A place that introduced him to new people & big ideas. And a place that showed him that it is through helping others achieve their goals that we build the team that helps us achieve ours.

Professionally, he has over a decade of experience in various Customer Service positions, followed by several years of experience in residential Project Management. It is his love for seeing people realize their goals & potential and his technical knowledge of the home-building process that has been at the heart of his success. Therefore, leaving Project Management behind and jumping head-first into Real Estate was the logical step forward.

Today, several years later, he’s a proud member of the world’s #1 Justin Havre Real Estate Team with eXp Realty. When he’s not working, you can usually find him and his girlfriend Jenna taking “Canelo” (their Chocolate Lab) to the dog park and the river, and when he’s not with those two, you can find him reading a good book, listening to Andy Frisella for the 100th time, or patiently waiting in line for my load call be announced over the PA to hop on a plane and go skydiving again.

When you are ready to take your first step in Real Estate, he hopes you’ll give him a call. In fact, he looks forward to it.