Top 8 Storage Units in Calgary, AB: Best Storage Facilities Near You

Public Self Storage Units in Calgary, AB

There are several options for selecting the best storage units in Calgary. These storage units offer everything you need, including climate control, moving supplies, security, convenience, and online account management. Each offers unique benefits to suit your needs, whether you’re downsizing, running a business, or moving to Calgary.

Maple Leaf Storage

Consider Maple Leaf Storage for your storage needs in Calgary, where top-notch security and excellent customer service come together to provide a reliable storage solution. Maple Leaf Storage has four locations, including in the city’s far northeast and northwest, which are convenient to some of Calgary’s best master-planned communities. 

With 24-hour security featuring monitored access control systems, you can trust that your belongings are well-protected. The professional staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring a positive experience for every client who walks through the door.

At Maple Leaf Storage, cleanliness and maintenance of facilities are a top priority, guaranteeing a pleasant storage environment for all customers. Additionally, the availability of climate-controlled units adds an extra layer of protection for items that require specific storage conditions. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, they have you covered with various unit sizes to suit your needs.

Moreover, Maple Leaf Storage goes the extra mile by offering moving supplies for added convenience. This one-stop approach makes the storage process seamless and efficient for customers. Trust Maple Leaf Storage in Calgary to meet your storage requirements with their secure, customer-oriented approach.

Sentinel Storage

When considering storage options in Calgary, one reliable choice is Sentinel Storage, which offers climate-controlled units and convenient drive-up access for easy loading and unloading. The climate-controlled units at Sentinel Storage provide optimal storage conditions, ensuring that your belongings are protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. This feature is especially beneficial for wooden furniture, electronics, and delicate fabrics that require a stable environment.

Moreover, the convenient drive-up access offered by Sentinel Storage makes loading and unloading your belongings a breeze. You can simply drive your vehicle up to your unit, making it quick and easy to transfer items in and out. This feature is particularly useful for individuals with heavy or bulky items that would be challenging to carry long distances.

Additionally, Sentinel Storage has ten-plus locations throughout Calgary. It’s a particularly convenient option for homes in West Calgary, as there are multiple locations ensuring you can always find the unit size you’re looking for. With 24-hour access to their facilities, you can retrieve your belongings at any time that suits your schedule. Furthermore, the secure vehicle storage options offer added peace of mind for storing additional items such as cars, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles.

Bow City Storage

Interior of Bow City Storage with Red Self Storage Unit Doors

Bow City Storage offers climate-controlled storage units to cater to various storage needs. Whether you're looking to store delicate items, important documents, or furniture, their climate-controlled units ensure your belongings are kept in optimal condition. The facility, located just a few blocks west of Calgary’s City Centre, prides itself on providing secure storage options for your peace of mind.

As a locally-owned storage facility, Bow City Storage values personalized service. They offer convenient access to their units through personalized access codes, making it easy for you to retrieve or store your belongings at any time. This touch adds an extra layer of security and convenience for customers.

Bow City Storage understands that storage needs vary from person to person. That's why they offer a range of storage unit sizes to meet different requirements. Whether you need a small unit for a few boxes or a larger space for furniture and appliances, they have an option to accommodate your needs.

With their commitment to security, convenience, and personalized service, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands at their Calgary storage facilities. Consider Bow City Storage for your storage needs, where your items will be kept safe and accessible whenever you need them.

Mini Mall Storage

If you're seeking a storage solution in Calgary that prioritizes accessibility and security, Mini Mall Storage is a reliable option. With 24-hour access to their climate-controlled units and locations in North and Southeast Calgary, you can easily retrieve your belongings whenever you need them. The monitored access control systems add an extra layer of security to give you peace of mind about the safety of your items.

Mini Mall Storage also stands out for its quality control maintenance plan, ensuring that its units are well-maintained and in top condition. This attention to detail reflects their commitment to providing a secure and reliable storage environment. Additionally, if you're currently relocating, they have you covered with moving supplies available on-site for added convenience.

Whether you need a small unit for a few items or a larger space for furniture and appliances, Mini Mall Storage offers a range of unit sizes to accommodate various storage needs in Calgary. They also have a location in Airdrie, one of Calgary’s best suburbs, so they’re a great choice for those moving to or from the city. Their flexible options make it easy to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements without breaking the bank.

Public Storage

Looking for a storage solution in Calgary with added amenities and services? Public Storage might be the perfect fit for you. They offer climate-controlled units to shield your belongings from extreme temperatures, ensuring their safety and well-being. The convenience of online account management makes accessing your storage information a breeze, saving you time and effort. If you’re cutting back on driving in Calgary and need to store vehicles, they have you covered with their vehicle parking options.

One of the standout features of Public Storage is its flexible rental terms, allowing you to tailor your storage experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you require short-term storage or a more extended rental period, Public Storage can accommodate you. Their commitment to excellent customer service means you can expect a positive storage experience from start to finish. The highly-rated customer service team is always there to assist you and ensure that your storage needs are met with professionalism and care.

Bluebird Self Storage

Interior of Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary with Blue Doors

Bluebird Self Storage operates several convenient self-storage options in Calgary in addition to locations in Cochrane and Chestermere. They work to ensure that customers can trust in the quality and reliability of the services provided. Whether you're looking to store personal belongings or items for your business, Bluebird Self Storage has you covered.

Their facilities not only offer secure storage solutions but also ensure that clients receive personalized attention to cater to their specific requirements. When you choose Bluebird Self Storage, you can expect top-notch service, competitive pricing, and a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you every step of the way.

Whether you need short-term storage during a move or long-term solutions for your business inventory, they have the expertise and options to accommodate your needs effectively. Trust your belongings to a reputable and experienced storage provider like Bluebird Sel Storage.

Crossfield Storage

Secure and well-maintained, the locally-owned Crossfield Storage facility offers a variety of storage units and RV storage to meet different needs. Whether you need a small unit for personal items or a larger space for business inventory, Crossfield Storage has you covered. The facility, located approximately 50 kilometres north of Calgary in Crossfield, prides itself on providing secure storage solutions.

With 24/7 security measures, you can trust that your items are well-protected. Additionally, the convenience of accessing your storage unit seven days a week adds to the appeal of storing your belongings at Crossfield Storage. The friendly staff are always willing to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a positive storage experience.

Known for its competitive pricing options, Crossfield Storage offers affordable solutions for both short-term and long-term storage needs. Whether you're decluttering your home, in the process of moving, or require extra space for your business, Crossfield Storage provides a reliable and cost-effective storage solution.

Westkey Storage

Westkey Storage offers a range of unit sizes and top-notch security features for those seeking convenient and secure storage solutions. You can choose from various storage unit sizes at Westkey Storage, starting from 5x5, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your storage needs.

If you have items that require special care, the facility provides climate-controlled options to shield your items from extreme temperatures. Conveniently located near downtown and some of Calgary’s most walkable neighbourhoods, Westkey Storage makes it simple for you to drop off or pick up your belongings whenever needed.

When it comes to security, Westkey Storage goes above and beyond to safeguard your items. The facility is equipped with secure fencing, gates, and 24/7 surveillance, ensuring that your belongings are well-protected at all times.

Additionally, you can take advantage of competitive pricing at Westkey Storage, with online payment options and a price match guarantee available to make the storage process hassle-free. With Westkey Storage, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands while enjoying the convenience and peace of mind that come with their top-notch storage solutions.

Enjoy the Best Storage Units in Calgary

Overall, the best storage units throughout some of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods offer secure, reliable, and convenient storage solutions for individuals and businesses in the area. With a variety of unit sizes, top-notch security features, and exceptional customer service, you can trust your valuables with the best in the business.

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, the best storage units in Calgary have everything you need to ensure a stress-free experience. Choose this facility for peace of mind and reliable storage solutions.

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