13 Best Walking, Hiking, & Biking Trails Near Calgary, AB

Dale Hodges Park Trails in Calgary

With a plethora of trails in and around Calgary, it’s never been a better time to go exploring. Walkers, runners, and hikers alike can marvel at the Canadian Rockies and enjoy panoramic views of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods and attractions, with varied terrain and wildlife encounters to keep each excursion interesting. Whether it’s a well-trodden loop downtown or a hidden gem just a short drive away, Calgary's trails offer something for everyone.

Best Hikes Near Calgary

Calgary is a hiker’s paradise with options like Moose Mountain, West Bragg Creek Provincial Area, Prairie Mountain Trailhead, Fullerton Loop, and Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

These trails offer a mix of stunning landscapes and varying levels of difficulty, perfect for every kind of hiker. Lace your boots and get ready to discover the beauty of nature just a short drive away from Calgary's City Centre.

Moose Mountain

Just 40 minutes west of Calgary, Moose Mountain beckons hikers with stunning vistas, making it a top choice among outdoor enthusiasts seeking a rewarding adventure. The nearly 15-kilometre trail offers a moderate challenge with an elevation gain of approximately 750 metres, promising a fulfilling climb.

As you ascend, you'll encounter a variety of flora and fauna, immersing yourself in Alberta's natural beauty. The summit rewards hikers with breathtaking panoramic views of Kananaskis Country and the Rocky Mountains—an awe-inspiring sight.

Moose Mountain is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience some of the best the Calgary hiking scene has to offer.

West Bragg Creek Provincial Area

Spanning over 170 km of trails, West Bragg Creek Provincial Area is a veritable outdoor playground near Calgary known for its scenic viewpoints and abundant wildlife. Located just 30 kilometres west of the beautiful Priddis Greens community, the diverse terrain includes forests, meadows, and rolling hills, providing an unforgettable backdrop for hiking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing.

Hikers can explore popular trails like Boundary Ridge, Hostel Loop, and Telephone Loop, each offering unique experiences depending on the season and opportunities to spot wildlife. Serene creeks add to the charm of the landscape, making it a peaceful retreat from city life.

Less than 50 minutes from Calgary, West Bragg Creek is a favourite destination for locals and visitors looking to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Prairie Mountain Trailhead

Prairie Mountain Hiking Trails Near Calgary

Less than an hour outside Downtown Calgary near Bragg Creek, Prairie Mountain Trailhead offers hikers a challenging yet rewarding outdoor adventure with stunning views of the surrounding prairies and mountains.

This 6.6 km return hike has an elevation gain of 726 m and can take between two to four hours to complete. The trail starts on the north side of Highway 66 and now offers a more moderate grade thanks to recent upgrades.

Along the way, hikers will encounter boulders near the halfway point and take in breathtaking views of prairies and mountains from the windy summit. Remember to bring a Kananaskis Conservation Pass, check trail conditions, and pack essentials for a safe hike.

Fullerton Loop

The Fullerton Loop near Calgary offers a moderate outdoor adventure with stunning views and varying terrain just 45 minutes downtown.

The trail's mix of valley and ridge paths offers a diverse experience, with the option to add a side hike to Ranger Summit for beautiful sunset views. Hikers can extend this 6.8 km trail up to 12 km with additional loops, pushing the trek into a three-plus-hour excursion. When visiting in the winter, don’t forget to pack snowshoes or crampons.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Glenbow Ranch Trails Near Calgary

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is another fantastic spot for hikers to check out. This historical destination is less than 40 minutes from Calgary and just 10 minutes east of the Cochrane community, making it an efficient weekend jaunt.

As a former cattle ranch, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park offers hikers panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies along a mix of paved and dirt trails maintained by the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation.

The Bow River Loop, a popular 10 km trail, descends from the parking lot, with uphill sections toward the end. Follow the main path south, pass the Foundation building, and turn left after the picnic tables for the optimal viewpoint of the eroded river and the Rocky Mountains.

Best Hikes in Calgary

Whether you’re looking for a quick commute or want to discover a new side of Calgary, there are several great hiking spots inside the city, from Dale Hodges Park Loop to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. These trails offer a mix of natural beauty, varying terrain, and wildlife encounters, ensuring a memorable outdoor experience for hikers of all levels.

Dale Hodges Park Loop

Nestled in Northwest Calgary, the Dale Hodges Park Loop offers outdoor enthusiasts a moderately challenging 12.7 km trail that winds through stunning scenery year-round. This popular area is perfect for birding, hiking, and mountain biking, even welcoming dogs on a leash.

The partially paved path provides forest and river views, with opportunities to spot wildflowers and wildlife along the way. Hikers can traverse Baker Park, Bowmont Park, and Dale Hodges Park, immersing themselves in beautiful scenery. Be prepared for some steep inclines, narrow trails, and potentially muddy conditions depending on the weather.

The breathtaking views of the Bow River compete with those of the most picturesque waterfront homes in Calgary, and the visibility of Olympic Park and the Rocky Mountains make this hike a must-visit in Calgary.

Nose Hill Park Hiking Loops

Nose Hill Trails in Calgary

For hikers seeking even more scenic adventures in Northwest Calgary, the hiking loops at Nose Hill Park offer a captivating experience. Covering 11 square kilometres, Nose Hill is the fourth-largest urban park in Canada and home to abundant hiking trails with panoramic views of the city. The park features off-leash dog areas, picnic spots, historical sites, wildflowers, and grasslands, providing natural beauty.

Accessibility is a key feature of Nose Hill Park, with easy access via Calgary’s public transit system and free parking available. The park is open year-round, suitable for all fitness levels, and offers wheelchair-accessible trails. Visitors can enjoy hiking, walking, bird watching, photography, cycling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing during the winter.

Moreover, Nose Hill Park is committed to environmental conservation through efforts to protect native vegetation, wildlife preservation programs, sustainable park management practices, educational initiatives for visitors, and community involvement in conservation efforts.

Douglas Fir Trail

Calgary's natural beauty is on full display when hiking the Douglas Fir Trail at Edworthy Park. This 2.5 km hike in West Calgary offers dramatic views of the Bow River Valley and features large Douglas-fir trees.

Established in 1962, the trail boasts gravel and dirt paths, lookout points, and a wooded escarpment. The Douglas Fir Trail is closed in winter and early spring, so hikers will need to plan their trip after the ice melts. This trail supports a coniferous forest ecosystem, so watch out for least chipmunks, red squirrels, crossbills, and golden-crowned kinglets on the hike.

Bebo Grove Loop at Fish Provincial Creek Park

Discover the tranquil beauty of the Bebo Grove Loop at Fish Creek Provincial Park, one of the best short hikes in South Calgary. This 4.8 km loop trail offers an easy hike through a lush forested area with abundant wildlife and flora. The average completion time is a little over one hour, making it a perfect outdoor escape for busy hikers. From bird watching to scenic views, this trail is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

The route consists of paved and dirt pathways, creating a pleasant walking experience. Explore the serene river, spot wildflowers, and be mindful of wildlife along the way. Be sure to start from the parking lot by the Environmental Learning Centre for easy access to this picturesque trail.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Trails in Calgary

For those seeking a serene natural retreat in Southeast Calgary, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary offers a protected natural space with over 270 bird species. Take a self-guided walk and discover the beauty of this sanctuary.

Begin at the Nature Centre and learn about the importance of wetlands for various plants and animals, check out beetle galleries, and watch woodpeckers in action. With directional guidance and points of interest along the trail, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary promises a memorable outdoor experience.

Best Walking & Jogging Trails in Calgary

If you're looking for some of the best walking and jogging trails in Calgary, consider exploring the Chevron Learning Pathway, Jack & Jean Leslie RiverWalk, and Baker Park Loop.

These trails offer a mix of scenic views ranging from the most luxurious condos in Calgary to natural surroundings, with varying degrees of difficulty to suit any fitness goals and preferences.

Chevron Learning Pathway

Nestled on the east end of Prince’s Island Park in City Centre Calgary, the Chevron Learning Pathway offers one of the best walking and jogging trails in the city.

Established in 2003, this pathway is a partnership involving Chevron Canada, The City of Calgary, Parks Foundation Calgary, and various environmental organizations.

Designed to educate visitors on urban stormwater management, the pathway aims to prevent contaminants from entering the Bow River. After devastating floodwaters in 2013, extensive restoration efforts have transformed the area with new bridges, signage, and gravel pathways.

The wetland along the pathway plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality, buffering road salt, and supporting wildlife habitats, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

Jack & Jean Leslie RiverWalk

Discover the Jack & Jean Leslie RiverWalk in Downtown Calgary—one of Calgary’s most walkable neighbourhoods—offering scenic views along the Bow River and easy access to local attractions. This section spans approximately two kilometres, providing a paved and flat path ideal for strolls and cycling.

Visitors can start at Centre Street Bridge in Chinatown, meander east past Fort Calgary, and enjoy the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers.

With convenient connections spread across Downtown Calgary, there are plenty of opportunities to stop for snacks, drinks, and cultural experiences along the way.

Baker Park Loop

Baker Park Walking Trails in Calgary

Plan an outdoor adventure at Baker Park Loop, one of Calgary's top walking and jogging trails. This trail offers a pleasant 4.3-km stroll, ensuring a leisurely experience for all hikers with scenic views and accessibility near some of Calgary’s best golf courses. Most visitors complete the loop in around an hour, but the route is adjustable. To reach the trailhead, start at the Baker Park parking lot and follow the directions from the city centre.

Whether you're seeking a quick jog or a relaxing walk surrounded by nature, Baker Park Loop provides a delightful escape in the heart of Calgary.

Reconnect with Nature on Calgary’s Many Trails

With stunning vistas, diverse landscapes, and trails suitable for all fitness levels, there's no better way to experience the great outdoors in Calgary, one of the best cities in Alberta. So lace up those hiking boots, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let Calgary's hiking trails lead to an unforgettable adventure.

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