Schools in Calgary, AB: Your Insider Calgary Schools Guide

Schools and School Districts in Calgary

Choosing the right schools is one of the most important decisions you can make when moving to Calgary. With a diverse selection of public, Catholic, private, and charter schools, Calgary's educational landscape caters to a range of preferences and needs. Discover the distinctive qualities of local schools and how they make Calgary one of the best cities in Alberta.

Calgary Schools at a Glance

  • Calgary offers a diverse range of educational options within its robust Alberta Education system, including public, Catholic, private, and charter schools, each catering to different student needs.
  • The Calgary Board of Education provides comprehensive public education programs from K-12 with a focus on nurturing each student's potential, while the Calgary Catholic School District offers a faith-based education alongside academic learning.
  • Calgary's private and charter schools provide unique educational philosophies, smaller classroom environments, and specialized programs tailored to foster academic excellence and character development in students.

Grade Schools in Calgary

Grade School Options in Calgary

Students in Calgary have hundreds of grade school options, including public schools, Catholic schools, private schools, and charter schools.

Each of these options is tailored to meet the nuanced needs of its students. With nearly 250 public schools and a robust selection of private schools, all students can find a learning environment that works for them in all of Calgary's neighbourhoods.

Calgary Board of Education

The Calgary Board of Education stands at the forefront of public education, providing comprehensive programs from kindergarten to Grade 12. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of every student, this board delivers a rich tapestry of educational experiences.

Whether it's academic enrichment or support for diverse learning needs, the Calgary Board of Education ensures that the journey through the public school system is as fulfilling as it is enlightening.

Calgary Catholic School District

The Calgary Catholic School District offers:

  • A holistic educational experience that goes beyond academics
  • Instilling values and faith in students
  • A community where dignity and respect are paramount
  • Excellence in Catholic education through shared responsibility.

Geographical boundaries define the school catchment areas, with specialized program schools serving students across the entire district. Established in the late 19th century, this district carries a legacy of faith-based education that continues to thrive today.

Private Schools

Institutions like Delta West Academy and West Island College are popular Alberta private schools, where education is not just about lectures but about engaging with the world in real and meaningful ways.

Private schools in Calgary include:

  • Rundle College
  • Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
  • West Island College
  • Webber Academy
  • Delta West Academy
  • Calgary Christian School

Charter Schools

Calgary's public charter schools, including Calgary Arts Academy, Calgary Classical Academy, New Horizons School, and Westmount Charter School, are an emblem of academic and personal excellence, offering a constellation of distinct educational philosophies and smaller classroom settings. With specialized courses like biomedical science and videography at Stem Innovation Academy, students receive an education that fosters academic excellence and character development.

In the realm of Alberta charter schools, Calgary's educational options shine as beacons of innovation and specialized learning. One such example is Almadina Language Charter Academy. These charter schools, while adhering to the provincial curriculum, are given the freedom to tailor their programs to the specific needs of their students, making each a unique charter school. Connect Charter School is another example of this educational model. Some of the benefits of charter schools include:

  • Tailored programs in arts, science, or language acquisition
  • Skill development, attitudes, and knowledge enhancement
  • Fostering a positive educational environment

These factors contribute to the overall enhancement of the education system.

Post-Secondary Institutions in Calgary

Post-Secondary School Options in Calgary

Calgary's academic horizon broadens immensely as students transition into the world of higher education. The city houses an impressive array of post-secondary institutions, including the renowned University of Calgary and Mount Royal University, each offering diverse programs and scholarship opportunities.

For those with a passion for aviation, Mount Royal University's scholarships provide a substantial financial boost, making dreams of pilot training a tangible reality.

Universities in Calgary include:

  • University of Calgary
  • Mount Royal University
  • St. Mary's University
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Alberta University of the Arts
  • ABM College - Calgary
  • Ambrose University
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Bay River College

Calgary Supports Your Educational Journey

From the foundational years in the diverse grade schools to the expansive opportunities in post-secondary education, Calgary's educational institutions provide pathways to personal and academic success. This guide serves as a beacon, lighting the way to an education that resonates with individual aspirations and goals. When searching for homes in Calgary, broadening your understanding of the educational landscape will help you make the best decision possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are charter schools in Calgary?

Charter schools in Calgary are tuition-free public schools providing an alternative education option and are publicly funded institutions operated by private school associations or authorities. Charter schools are only available for people living in Alberta; other Canadian provinces do not have them.

Are schools free in Calgary?

Yes, public school education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 is free in Calgary.

What are the average tuition fees for private schools in Calgary?

The average tuition fees for private schools in Calgary range from $3,210 to $28,186 per year, with an average cost of about $16,092 annually. These fees can vary depending on the specific school and its offerings.

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