Driving in Lloydminster: Lloydminster Drive Times, Rush Hour, & Traffic Tips

What to Know About Driving in Lloydminster

Navigating Lloydminster, Alberta, whether by car or public transit, is a key aspect of daily life in this unique border city. Learning the transportation dynamics here, from road networks to bus services, is essential for residents and visitors alike. For those looking to understand transportation in Lloydminster, one of Alberta's most affordable cities, it's time to explore the driving conditions, traffic patterns, and public transit options.

Get to Know Your Major Roads

One of the most important major roads to know in Lloydminster is Highway 16. This highway originates far to the west at Prince Rupert, BC, and runs east of Lloydminster all the way to Winnipeg, MB, where it intersects with Highway 1. It's also known as the Yellowhead Highway. The road is a major tourism route through Lloydminster in addition to being integral to driving in Edmonton, as it bisects the big city on its way to British Columbia. Many commercial businesses, grocery stores, banks, hotels, and condos in the city are situated along Highway 16. 

Lloydminster is on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, and Highway 17 is a north-south route that marks the dividing line between the two provinces. Both Saskatchewan and Alberta maintain the road. It intersects with Highway 16 just east of the geographic centre of Lloydminster. While Highway 16 is the fastest east-west route through the city, Highway 17 is the fastest north-south one. 

75 Avenue, 62 Avenue, and 40 Avenue are three additional north-south routes that are important to know. These three roads all bypass much of the city and are less likely to have traffic at any time of day.

What to Expect Driving at Different Times of Day

Driving in Lloydminster is very easy most times of the day—one of the many reasons why locals consider it one of the best places to live in Alberta. It is a small city, so anything that can be considered heavy traffic usually results from accidents or inclement weather. The two busiest times of the day are during the mornings when people are commuting to work and dropping kids off at school, and in the afternoons when they pick the kids up or commute home. Besides that, an occasional line of RVs on the Yellowhead Trail might slow things down during the summer tourism season.

People who commute to work in Lloydminster don't have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. The morning commute time for 70% of workers is less than 15 minutes. Another 17% spend 15 to 29 minutes driving one-way to work, and the remainder have commutes of 30 minutes or longer.

Public Transportation in Lloydminster

What Public Transportation Options are Available in Lloydminster, AB?

For those who prefer public transportation over personal vehicles, Lloydminster has a few options. About 94% of residents drive to work, so public transportation options are often less busy and experience few delays. The city government has been developing an expansion of public transportation options since 2022. Meetings and surveys have been held to determine what the public needs regarding transportation. A Draft Master Transportation Plan is being written that will eventually lay out the options for voters to consider.

For those who like to fly, Lloydminster has a Municipal Airport that offers daily flights to the city of Calgary. Meanwhile, KCTI Travels is a regional bus service that can take Lloydminster passengers to Edmonton, with several stops along the way. The buses run every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Border City Connects is a point-to-point bus service for residents with special needs or mobility issues. The Border City CareAvan service can take people to non-emergency medical appointments. Groups of up to 14 people can also rent a tour van from Border City Connects for a special event. 

There are also several taxi services available in Lloydminster. On top of regular taxi services, the city's Seniors Taxi Program offers a low-cost way for seniors (65+) to purchase one-way vouchers that work with any of the taxi services.

Commute Times from Suburbs to Downtown Lloydminster

While Lloydminster is incredibly affordable when considered against the average cost of living in Alberta, some area residents choose to live in smaller outlying communities for further savings. Here are the commute times from some of the nearest suburbs to Downtown Lloydminster.


Blackfoot is a small hamlet located about 12 kilometres west of Downtown Lloydminster with a population of around 400 people. It has a Senior's Centre, a Community Hall, and a park with a skating rink and some tennis courts. For groceries or any other shopping, residents have to drive into Lloydminster. Most people who live in Blackfoot commute to the bigger city for work.

The easiest route to get from Blackfoot to Lloydminster is to take Range Road 21 south, about a half-kilometre to Highway 16. Head eastbound on 16 to reach Downtown Lloydminster in about 10 minutes. The only time when the commute takes much longer than that is when there is heavy snowfall, and the roads are being cleared.


Marshall is a small town about 20 kilometres to the southeast of Lloydminster in Saskatchewan. Its population is a little over 500, and it has a community centre, a community garden, a credit union, and a restaurant. Most shopping has to be done in Lloydminster. To commute from Marshall to Lloydminster, head to Highway 16 just north of town. Then turn onto Highway 16 westbound. Follow the highway to Downtown Lloydminster. This commute usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, but the weather can sometimes make the trip a little longer.


Staplehurst is so rural that it's classified as a locality in the County of Vermilion River. The area is located north of the Lloydminster Municipal Airport. There are no services or businesses in Staplehurst, but it does present some interesting investment opportunities for anyone wanting to move to a truly rural location. Plus, it's a very easy and short commute into the city.

Residents in Staplehurst should take Range Road 13 south and head west on Township Road 504. Turn south again on Range Road 12 and follow it all the way to Highway 16. Turn east on Highway 16 and follow it to Downtown Lloydminster. This is a 13-kilometre commute, and since there's very little traffic, the drive usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Other Helpful Things to Know About Driving in Lloydminster

Lloydminster can get anywhere from 50 to 100 centimetres of snowfall every year. The city prioritizes different routes to determine how quickly snow is cleared from the roads:

  • Priority 1 - Major roads with the most traffic
  • Priority 2 - Collector roads that connect to two arterials
  • Priority 3 - Local, haul-only roads

It usually takes less than 48 hours after a heavy snowfall for the Priority 1 streets to be cleared, and three to four days for Priority 2 roads. Plowing and clearing the roads takes priority over snow removal. Residents can sometimes expect to have snow plowed up onto their private property as the city is clearing the roads, but it will be removed eventually.

Getting Around Lovely Lloydminster

Getting around in Lloydminster is typically a breeze. Still, residents, travellers, and anyone moving to Alberta and considering this area should familiarize themselves with the city's transportation systems, from road conditions to public transit routes. Whether one prefers driving or using public transportation, understanding these options simplifies daily commutes and enhances overall travel experiences within Lloydminster.

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