Jobs in Grande Prairie: 2024 Grande Prairie Economy & Industries Guide

Grande Prairie Economy Guide

Steeped in history, the prairies of Grande Prairie, Alberta, are a symbol of Canada's resilience and strength. It's the perfect place to start a business, with a booming economy of opportunity and a vibrant community ready to lend a hand. Whether you’re moving to Alberta or a big-city resident considering quieter surroundings, the rapidly growing city of Grande Prairie is a great place to call home and launch a business.

Grande Prairie Top Employers

Largest Employers in Grande Prairie, AB

You can find some of Grande Prairie's top employers in the forestry and agriculture industries, including International Paper, Canfor, Norbord, and Aquatera. 

  • International Paper operates a kraft pulp mill and is one of the largest employers
  • Canfor runs a sawmill and lumber yard
  • Norbord employs many at its oriented strand board plant 
  • Aquatera, a Grande Prairie-based utility provider and waste management company 

With these major employers and the addition of many others, Grande Prairie's economy—and its importance to the overall economy in Alberta—is thriving. They provide quality jobs and help to drive the local economy. These companies have invested heavily in the community and are a major part of Grande Prairie's success. They have helped create a vibrant and successful business environment attractive to potential employers and investors. 

With their investments and commitment to the community, these top employers are helping to ensure that Grande Prairie remains a prosperous city.

Is Grande Prairie a Good Place to Start a Business?

If you're looking for a place to start a business, Grande Prairie—often mentioned among Alberta's best places to live—is a great option with its flourishing economy and abundant resources.

Grande Prairie has evolved from its agricultural roots to become a major player in the forestry and oil and gas industries. With natural gas reserves, it's an economically stable city, even when the rest of Alberta is experiencing a decline.

You'll also find plenty of urban conveniences here and some of Alberta’s most beautiful natural landscapes. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy, making it a great place to live. For the most part, housing is also affordable, making Grande Prairie a great place to settle down.

Overall, Grande Prairie has a lot to offer to entrepreneurs. With its skilled workforce, economic stability, and great quality of life, it's an excellent city to start and grow a business.

Grande Prairie Economy Facts and Figures

With an unemployment rate of only 5.8% and a median household income of around $120,000, Grande Prairie is a great place to start a business and enjoy a prosperous economy. The labour force participation rate is 74%, and the median sale price for homes is around $300,000. Whether you consider it through the scope of the cost of living in Alberta or the entire country, Grande Prairie’s living costs are very reasonable, and the city offers a variety of amenities.

Grande Prairie is also conveniently located near many other cities, including Clairmont, Beaverlodge, and Valleyview, making it easy to access essential services. All of these factors make Grande Prairie an excellent destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business and have a successful career.

Grande Prairie Industries

You'll find a variety of industries in Grande Prairie, from oil and gas extraction to retail and food services. The oil and gas industry was the original driver of the city's economy, with a boom in the 1970s that has seen extraction focus more on natural gas and shale gas in recent years. 

The forestry industry is still going strong, with Grande Prairie's location on the CANAMEX trade route creating a trade corridor. Agriculture is also an important part of the economy, as are mineral extraction, retail, and food services. 

All in all, Grande Prairie is a bustling hub of activity and economic growth. Whether it's oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, mineral extraction, retail, or food services, there's something for everyone in Grande Prairie.

Top Industries in Grande Prairie

  • Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
  • Retail trade
  • Health care and social assistance
  • Construction
  • Educational services
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Transportation and warehousing

Enjoy Growth Opportunities in Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a great place to start a business, has many large employers, and is one of Alberta’s most affordable cities. The economy is booming, and the city offers plenty of growth opportunities. Overall, the city has an impressive variety of industries and is a great place to settle down. So, don't delay. Take the leap and see if the grass is greener in Grande Prairie—you won't regret it.

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