Guaranteed SOLD* with
The Justin Havre Real Estate Team with eXp Realty

At The Justin Havre Real Estate Team with eXp Realty, we guarantee to sell your home! Our guaranteed SOLD* program has been developed for individuals who need to sell their home fast and those who crave the peace of mind that comes with a known guarantee.

Why do I need a sold guarantee?

Our guaranteed SOLD* program ensures your home sells when you need it to. Many homeowners will struggle to get mortgage approval for a new home without the sale of their existing real estate. Additionally, many people choose our guaranteed sold* program to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often goes hand-in-hand with home selling. With a sold guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your home will sell.

How do you determine the listing price?

Once we complete a thorough on-site examination of your home we will perform a detailed market analysis of similar homes in your neighbourhood and lay the entire pricing structure / suggestion out before we start marketing your home.

Can I sell for a higher price?

You have up to 90 days to sell your home above the Guaranteed SOLD* price provided by with eXp Realty & Justin Havre!

What happens if I do sell for higher within the 90 days?

You get to have the higher selling price, minus commissions, and the sold guarantee automatically becomes null and void.

Will you guarantee the price of any home?

In most cases, yes! But we do need to visit your home and evaluate the property before we can guarantee your sale. In addition, our maximum guarantee price may change.

Will you guarantee my home outside of Calgary?

The answer to this question varies, depending on the current market conditions and how far away your home is from our office. We invite you to ask us!

Our Guaranteed SOLD* Price

Many homeowners are not initially pleased with the guaranteed price of their home, because it does not reflect the true value of the property. However, the price is intentionally set below the current market value to ensure we can deliver on the guarantee.

The purpose of the program is to guarantee the home will be sold, no matter what. For those that need to sell, the guarantee acts as your financial safety net. Most homes sell above the guarantee within the 90 days, which means the guarantee is never needed. In fact, it is very rare that the guarantee is needed.

To find out whether The Justin Havre Real Estate Team with eXp Realty's guaranteed SOLD* program is right for you, we recommend talking to one of our listing specialists. We are always happy to come to your home, provide you with a market evaluation and discuss your real estate options.

* Guaranteed Sold by with eXp Realty, some terms and conditions apply.